3 Reasons to Take Summer Classes this Year


3 Reasons to Take Summer Classes this YearFor online school students, summer is progressively becoming a period to stay enrolled in courses. Although there are fun parts of taking the summer off, like weekend road trips, beach getaways or simply lounging by the pool, a lot of busy adult students see the practical benefits of continuing to pursue their education.  Below, we have outlined a few reasons why these categories of students prefer to stay in online school during the summer.

Avoiding Brain Drain

Enrolling in summer classes can help students avoid summer brain drain. The National Summer Learning Association says students’ grades are lower on standardized assessment at the end of the summer vacation than they score at the beginning of summer on the same assessment. Adult students can anticipate the same outcome if they don’t extend their academic calendar to incorporate summer months. You’ll be more likely to remember what you’ve learned by continuing classes.

Faster Graduation

Keeping up with classes in online education in the summer is also an excellent method to earn credits towards your graduation. Even if you are passionate about your school, you probably desire to earn your degree in the fastest possible duration so you can take the next step to further your career. Taking a full- or partial load of classes during summer is a great approach to get your graduation faster.

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Get Job Search and Resume Assistance

Learning who hiring managers in your career choice are looking to hire, how to present your experience in the best possible way and how to find jobs are also part of earning your degree. Your job-hunting skills are continually sharpened when you choose to stay enrolled in summer classes through your professors and career service department. Summer is also a convenient time to set job prep goals like getting resume assistance, setting up at least one informational interview or completing your LinkedIn profile.  You will be glad you accomplished this goal once you’re back in busier periods.

Truly online degree courses make it easier for you to remain enrolled in summer classes and as well often offer a wide selection of programs.