3 Tips to Getting your Educational Journey on Track in 2020 and How OCC can Help

December 03, 2019

Try searching for information and advice about getting your educational journey on track in 2020. The sheer volume will overwhelm you. But while the choices are many, it can become difficult to know the sources to base your decision on.

Hence, we answer three of the most important questions that you’ll most likely be facing next year:

Which Is It: Picking the Right Institution

You win half the educational battle by choosing the institution that is just right for you academically. But how can you find it? Here are some steps that the OCC recommends to all our students:

Choose to Go Off with an Open Mind

Experts have begun recommending that students shouldn’t go after the well-known names just for the sake of the name itself.

Moreover, it is better not to take the conventional route in education. Don’t feel obliged, for instance, to go to university at 18. Similarly, studying only one subject isn’t the only acceptable way anymore. Instead, combine subjects relevant to you to come up with multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary options— more on that below.

Explore the Academic World

Students are so single-mindedly directed towards universities, they forget to think there might be other available options. For instance, trade skills and vocational courses can lead to successful careers too. However, the concept that not wanting to go to university isn’t an intelligent decision is affecting the registrations at such institutions. Similarly, enrolling at a brick and mortar university isn’t the only way to study. These days, online schools can help you complete an advanced degree while removing the commute that sucks off so much time from your day!

What to Do: Choose the Right Subject

When you begin applying, you may find it tempting to look at the most competitive schools. The famous names, strict admissions criteria, and familiar locations must mean they are good for you. Right? Not always! For instance, you’d be surprised to discover that:

  • Some – if not all – of the best institutions offering culinary courses aren’t even located in the big cities.
  • There are universities with higher admissions requirements than the Ivy League schools.
  • You cannot complete a Bachelor’s in Oil and Gas Management at many of the universities in the country.

So, you won’t know completely which institution is right for you until you know the subject you want to study. Of course, a huge part of that decision depends on your plans for your career.

Create your Own Mix

Instead of restricting yourself to what you think you should be studying, OCC invites you to investigate new courses. Check out the reputation and course content that we offer. Then decide what is right for you. We’d recommend not just sticking to what you have studied at high school. There are so many other courses that you could be eligible for in other subjects new to you!

Research the Content of the Course

Even after choosing the right university, there are still ways students can make a decision that doesn’t suit their academic trajectory. That’s because they neglect to research the content of the courses they will be taking. Think about it. You are going to spend three or more years studying those curricula. It is likely that you’d also pursue a career in a related field. Won’t it be smart to pick ones that are right for you?

Prior research is essential. At OCC, we clearly display the information about each individual module that makes up your courses.

Find a Program for You

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How to Do It: Getting a Grant to Finance your Educational Journey

Choose One that Fits your Needs

Now you may choose the college that you want to go to, based on the courses and subjects it offers. However, you won’t be finalizing that decision until you know how to fund your education. The good news being in this regard that many philanthropic organizations can make your goal more accessible for you. Additionally, there are government and state-based scholarships that you can consider as well.

However, every grant option won’t necessarily be the best for you. That’s because they are created with different objectives in mind. Some will award enough money to cover just the tuition. But does that mean part of the tuition or all of it? What about any living expenses that you surely will have? The right choice means considering every need that might crop up as you continue studying.

Look for it in Unusual Places

This is where your out-of-the-box way of thinking pays. Extracurricular activities and hobbies that you’re good at might help you pay for college! It is all about figuring out what you’re exceptionally good at and then choosing the scholarship that fits the mold.

For instance, students who are great at gaming, crafting, trekking, and gardening may find great opportunities. Interested in bird-watching? There are organizations ready to fund and set you on an educational path. Like crosswords? Consider an option readymade for you in that regard. At OCC, we encourage students to think beyond need- and merit-based choices.

In short, the conventional route to a college education may not suit you. Or, you might want to learn a craft other that most traditional institutions don’t even offer. Use our tips to get where you want to be academically. Visit us for more ideas on how to do that!