4 Degrees that are Most Popular in 2019-2020

September 29, 2019

With the passage of time, educational options are undergoing a rapid change; they are forming themselves to be more suitable to the present decade. Nowadays, online degree programs are becoming quite popular and are being pursued by college students. They are perfect for the students attempting to obtain an online degree for the first time, those who want to return to college, and the ones beginning a second career.

A great initiative which is quite popular these days is that the top online colleges and universities are co-coordinating with their students to create learning opportunities even while at home. They also open preceptorship programs to equip students with skills, which before now could only be gained via on-campus programs.

Several online degree programs are gaining popularity as students perform better than they would using traditional sources of learning. Individuals can be rest assured that they will qualify for good jobs with suitable salaries after they complete their respective online degrees.

Below we mention some popular courses:

Always Popular

Business Administration

The degree of business administration has been a quite popular online degree for awhile. It remains an excellent option for individuals who want versatile classes, which can prepare them for a variety of fields. Business administration majors can take various careers paths. They can become CEOs, business managers owners, and analysts. Some opt for working in the health care industry, advertising, finance, public relations, and even human resources. A business may fail while another continues to be successful. Regardless of the situation, by choosing a business administration degree, students will always have more options to create fulfilling careers.

Your degree will decide your future career. An example can be, an associate’s degree that can enable individuals to strive for jobs in the sectors of management and administration. A bachelor’s degree could make you eligible for an entry-level management post in large departments or stores. However, with a master’s degree, you will be qualified for executive positions.

Managers tend to have the highest salaries, in comparison to the various other occupations in this article.  Chief executives have the most median annual wage, i.e., $175,110.


This field is highly significant to the operation of the healthcare field. Students who prefer a career in nursing should opt for a Bachelor’s in a nursing degree program. The program equips them with the knowledge and training, required for the quick-paced and risky world of healthcare.

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Nursing students will be required to study topics related to disease prevention and health promotion. But they will also learn leadership skills that can be applicable in gaining senior-grade positions in the health care facilities.

Students interested in the nursing field, rest assured, there are bright chances of job growth. According to the Institute of Medicine, the health sector will employ 80% more nurses in 2020.  With a Bachelor’s in nursing degree, students will have the skills needed to secure jobs and move up in these organizations.

Recently Popular Programs

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice programs are very interesting as their curriculum consists of various different academic disciplines, for instance, law, sociology, psychology, and science. The positions in criminal justice careers are available at state, federal, and local levels. It is estimated that paralegals and legal secretaries can earn a salary of up to $50,940 while administrative service managers may find their wages to be as high as $96, 180. Besides the degree, other factors, such as location, education, and background, may also effect salaries.

Online Criminal Justice programs prepare students for fields like crime scene investigation, legal analysis, and forensics.


If you’re intrigued by the world of advertising, then an online Associate’s degree is the right one for you. It will make you eligible to qualify for entry-level positions. The students in such a program will learn to enhance their critical-thinking and creative skills in order to develop impactful advertising campaigns.

They will also learn how to position a product, create marketing strategies, and enhance their written and verbal skills for effective communication. These traits will be utilized in developing effective communication with different organizations.

Students majoring in the Associate’s degree program can acquire jobs in marketing departments, advertising firms, promotions department, etc. Pursuing more specialized degrees, such as a Bachelor’s or Master’s in this field can result in higher paying jobs. For instance, the Bureau of Labor Statistics evaluates that the average pay for the jobs in advertising can be up to $132,620/year. This sector is also expected to experience an increase of 8% by 2028. The Associate’s degree program is the best online option for creative individuals.

Thanks to advanced technology, acquiring a good quality education is just a few clicks away. There must be a reason why certain courses are more popular than others. The degrees we mention above will provide you with lucrative careers. They will also equip you with transferable skills. Hence, your college dreams and the access to a high-quality education are more accessible than ever. Willing to pursue them? Then begin by learning more about our online courses and degree рrоgrаmѕ!