5 Questions to ask About Online Finals

APRIL 22, 2017

How To Discover And Pursue Your PassionAs a student studying online, you might wonder the best approach to prepare for those tests and papers that make up for a significant portion of your grade. If this is the first time you are sitting for an online final, this may particularly be true. One key approach to get yourself ready for online finals is to ask your instructors these five questions.

Would This Final Differ From A Conventional Final?

A great question on your mind and the very first to ask your instructor should be, how this finals would differ from the traditional finals, you already have been accustomed to. The questions could be timed, the format different or there could be other difficulties you may not have anticipated. Learning what your finals feel like is the best way to prepare for it in advance.

Are There Tips I Should Know?

The moment you’ve been able to understand what your finals feel like, the next thing you want to do is to ask your instructor or professor if there are tips you should be aware of to help you prepare for a specific type of assessment. For example, would you need to change your study methods? Inquire from your instructor about what has been effective for other students and what they think is the best method to earn a solid grade.

Can You Recommend Or Provide Any Preparatory Materials?

You can also ask your instructor if they have any preparatory materials available. Perhaps they intend to share a study guide with the class, or maybe they have suggestions on what to add to make your personal study guide. Be sure to ask if your instructor has a practice assessment that you can take.

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Are There Any Study Groups I Can Belong To?

Why College Certificate Programs Are Growing in PopularityStudy materials are extremely vital, but numerous persons also benefit from studying among other students in their class. Your lecturers may take it upon themselves to organize a study group—whether in the form of an online forum or video chat or in person —that may assist you well as you prepare for your finals. Ask if there’s such a group for your program, or if your lecturer can connect you with other interested students.

Can You Suggest Any Test-Taking Strategies?

Now that you are knowledgeable on how to prepare for your final, you should be considering about the strategies that you would employ when completing the assessment. Ask your instructor if there are any suggestions about the best location to take and complete the final. Possibly it’s at your home in a quiet place, or perhaps it’s in the library. Your instructor will tell you about any suggestions and requirements for actual test-taking.

While your first online final may appear terrifying, at its core, it’s not too different from a conventional final in that it will go over the material that you have studied all through the semester. Try not to overly stress. Asking your instructors these five questions, and any others that you might be worried about before your examination will help to put you at ease as you prepare.