5 Tech Tools for Job Interview Practice

JULY 19, 2017

The moment you get to the interview stage of your job hunt, it means that you have successfully survived the various hurdles of the screening, as hiring managers compare your application materials (cover letter, resume, transcripts) to the requirements of the position.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers advises that “The interview will make or break your application. The interview is your opportunity to demonstrate to the employer that you have what it takes to fit in, and are the best applicant for the position. Therefore, this requires cautious preparation.”

In addition to company research, your preparation strategy should include practice interviews. You most likely will not be able to predict all of the interviewers’ questions; nevertheless, you can rehearse how you will respond to mock-up questions. Determine how your responses can help you prove your skills, share your success stories, and illustrate how you meet the organisation’s requirements. Interview practice can not just develop your skills, but also decrease your nervousness about being interviewed.


There are plenty of options available for students to record mock interviews as a preparation for the real thing.

To build your skills, I would recommend a few interview preparation tools – free, web-based and mobile solutions all developed to assist you to prepare for your subsequent job interview:

My Interview Simulator: With this tool, you can simulate mock interviews with over 100 probable questions which are arranged in categories and set. Though the system does not record your answers, it offers feature audio prompts together with text-based hints for answering each question and examples.

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5 Tech Tools for Job Interview Interviews: If you are an iPhone or iPad user, then this one is for you. The features of this tool offer you a before, during, and after approach. You can record your answers to practice questions, turn your device into a mirror for a final check, discover local services like coffee shops around your interview location, and document your thoughts just after the interview. This online mock interviewing system offers applicants access to their website when they sign up for a free account. Using the microphone and webcam of your computer, you can record your answers to five conventional interview questions the software presents. There’s an introduction video format of 60-seconds that you can record, save, and share on social networks.

Quizlet: This site presents categories of online flashcards covering a variety of topics, together with job interviews. In addition to question prompts, you will also get tips to assist you to frame your answers. Explore the behavioural interviews category which uses the STAR method: Simulation or Task, Action you took, Results.

DIY Options: If you cannot locate what you need to assist you in getting ready for a particular interview you have planned, try a do-it-yourself method. Ask a family member or friend to conduct a practice session with you on the phone, in person, or online using a free video tool such as Google Hangouts or Skype. Your classmate or an instructor may have experience in the field and be enthusiastic to assist you prepare. Give your mock interviewer a short list of probable questions based on your research of the employer and industry.

Using technology to practice for the real meeting offers you the added experience setting up and running the systems you might come across if invited to take part in an online interview. You could still discover that employers are interested in conducting initial interviews using web conferencing tools with video capabilities, or over the phone before requesting you to meet with them in person.