6 Types of Business Degrees in High Demand

JULY 20, 2017

6 Types of Business Degrees in High Demand So many types of business degrees are in high demand. The reason for this can be explained in two words – versatility and flexibility.

Since standard business principles are at the foundation of every organisation and company, so the training and skills you develop with a business degree are applicable anywhere, in any industry.

The subject lends itself to online studying, which enables you to channel your education around existing family and work commitments and advance at your own pace.

Will you take a chance by choosing a degree that is applicable to virtually all business setting such as accounting, or will you rather choose to sharpen skills exclusive to one industry like healthcare management?

With over two dozen business degree options to select from, the toughest part is going to be narrowing down your options!

Check out the six randomly selected business degrees in high demand you can pursue online:

  1. Accounting

Love to gather data, crunch numbers, and make forecasts? Accounting may be an excellent fit!

As tax and budgeting preparation software becomes more users friendly and affordable, you can be expecting to see key changes in the Accounting field. For instance, instead of just focusing on numbers, you might take on an advisory role, assisting businesses or individuals forecast, analyse and plan for their financial future.

  1. 6 Types of Business Degrees in High DemandAdvertising

Are you putting deep thoughts into catchy TV commercials, website banners or engaging campaigns than the regular consumer? Perhaps you are prepared to expand on that with a degree in Advertising, where you will learn about persuasion strategizing, campaign planning, evaluating campaign success and more!

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  1. Business Information Systems

If the why’s and how’s of technology are not your thing, however, you are excited to make a decision on which existing programs can most efficiently solve a problem, consider a degree in Business Information Systems. Here, the spotlight is on the big picture and practical use so that you will explore things like networking, database management or security.

  1. Business Management

Business Management is a fine choice if you are interested in owning or leading a business someday. With this degree, you’ll develop an understanding of the legal, economic, behavioural, strategic and ethical aspects of a business and how they mix. A detailed understanding of each of these aspects will help you get ready to strategize, make decisions, and manage businesses of all sizes and in any industry.

  1. E-Commerce

Torn between technology and business? Blend the two!

In the E-commerce concentration, you’ll be taught how to create and maintain businesses on the Internet.  Whether your focus is on product buying decisions, market research, website design, customer service or financial security, your role will constantly change and evolve because e-commerce is such a dynamic career.

  1. Entrepreneurship

Wish to develop and manage a business of your own?

If you are considering Entrepreneurship, you have most likely got stacks of ideas and drive. To bring your dreams to reality, you will need to learn how to develop a sound business plan, obtain necessary resources, budget short and long-term, market your business, manage growth, and handle all the ethical and legal facets along the way. The skills developed through this degree will be valuable in any business position.