8 Advanced Degrees That Are Preferable To an MBA Today

JULY 30, 2017

8 Advanced Degrees That Are Preferable To an MBA TodayYou can’t argue the fact that MBAs are the most popular degrees; however, it’s not always the most preferred choice for every individual or career path. There are many other advanced degrees which are in high-demand and in most cases easily accessible than the standard MBA. Finance degrees, design programs and dual-track MBAs are highly demanded at the moment.

Let’s take a look at a few of them and see which one is suitable for you.


In everyday life and business, computers are a necessity; therefore it’s no surprise that graduates with an advanced degree in computer science are in high demand. It’s expected that in the next decade, computer scientists are expected to rise by 19%, adding 5,300 new jobs which are more better than 5% rise in MBAs.


Master of Finance could just be better than an MBA for you if you have a passion for numbers. Master of Finance degrees are mostly easier to get into, cheaper and much shorter than the typical MBA programs. While advanced finance students can come in with just an internship experience, most MBA programs require a minimum of three years of work experience.


8 Advanced Degrees That Are Preferable To an MBA TodayThe Master of Science in Management, mostly called MiM, very comparable to the MBA; however, there are some major differences. Though the two programs entail general management course and the same subjects, the MiM is focused more on recent graduates rather than seasoned professionals. Furthermore, the MiM centres more on research in management, instead of the strategy of business administration. It is likely that most employers would first recognize an MBA holder more quickly than a MiM degree, nevertheless, Master of Science in Management has become more valuable and visible in recent times as the MBA market gets even more saturated.


The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership is an MBA substitute that is offered globally. Usually, it is best suitable for people who are more interested in leadership education than business subjects like marketing and finance. With this program, students centre more on organisation issues and people, with courses in philosophy and psychology as well as management and business.

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The Chartered Financial Analyst degree is another great finance program. Like the Master of Finance, the Chartered Financial Analyst is a concentrated financial study, and the degree is significantly less expensive than an MBA. It is feasible to complete the whole degree for less than $5,000. But the CFA unlike the Master of Finance doesn’t offer remuneration comparable to the MBA, or at least not at first.


Though a few degrees might be better than an MBA, a lot of art students are beginning to learn that a dual MFA and MBA is a wise choice. Moreover, if you desire to make a living from your profession, you will have to understand how to market it. People seeking a career in professions like the TV and film industry can acquire marketing and finance knowledge while learning about film. Though it can take longer and cost a lot more to complete these programs, most graduates believe they are worth it.


Project managers and Business analysts are in high demand now more than ever as companies work harder to understand their future as well as optimise current projects and performance. That is the reason several schools now offer a Master of Science in Project Management, developing professionals with the degree and skills required to make projects work.


Most fresh graduates struggle with the choice to get an MBA or go to law school, and it isn’t a surprise at all. Both of them offer reputable credentials and the prospect for a well-paid and prestigious career. There’s an even career growth in both law and management. Students with expertise in math and have an interest in business would do well in their best interest to pursue an MBA; on the other hand, a law school is an excellent option for students with great communication skills and a liberal arts foundation. And even though MBAs have the prospect for a higher top-end salary, there is also added risk of joblessness, in addition to lower average earnings than law school graduates.