Why College Certificate Programs Are Growing in Popularity

SEPTEMBER 30, 2017

Why College Certificate Programs Are Growing in PopularityCertificate programs offer nationally acknowledged qualifications that can supplement or replace a traditional degree program. They are offered in a broad diversity of subjects, from business finance and human resources compliance to IT security and web design.

There are several reasons why certificate programs are increasing in popularity. These reasons include their flexibility in regards to existing work and life schedules and their ability to be completed within a reasonable time frame. Certifications will boost your resume potential and could often enhance an employee’s earning potential. This program can also serve as the link between an old profession pathway and a new one.

In some scenarios, organizations require particular certifications preceding an employee’s wage increase or advancement. Here are some of the many reasons college certificate programs are increasing in popularity.

Flexibility in Certificate Programs

Whether you prefer to take part in a self-paced or instructor-led certification program, your workload can be scheduled around your current academic and work schedules. You won’t have to stare longingly at conventional college classes programmed during the day from Monday through Friday. Online certificate programs offer coursework and classes scheduling that will suit your other responsibilities.

Certification Completed in Record Time

The thought of going back to school to spend two to four years or maybe more can seem challenging, as it wouldn’t always accommodate the lifestyle of working individuals or families. Instructor-led certificate programs can be completed in two months or less. Students can always opt for self-paced certification programs that allow them to complete their academic workload in a timeframe that is more suitable to their current schedule. Some students take less than 7 ½ weeks to complete their certification requirements.

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Recognized Certification Enhances Resume Potentials

Why College Certificate Programs Are Growing in PopularityCertificate programs ensure your resume stands out from the pack. A recognized certification is a means of quantifying your training and education in a way that appeals to prospective employers. Instead of sifting through varying employment requirements, degrees or experiences that may be unconnected to the existing job openings, obtaining a relevant and recognized certification is a beacon that highlights your potential, and therefore possibly moves your resume into the interview pool.

Department of Labor research states that advanced levels of training and education enhance earning potential and shrinks your probability of being unemployed. In the past, job experience used to be adequate to move an employee up the pay scale if he or she remained with the same organization. Presently, a lot of organizations require their workforce to acquire certifications, or further academic qualifications, to work their way up the ladder of leadership or higher responsibility.

Certificate programs offer the chances you require to enrich your education and develop your skill sets as to make you eligible to take full advantage of your earning potential and capitalize on the career advancement prospects available to you.