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There are several online degree choices for prospective computer science students to explore. This search tool encompasses every online bachelor’s program in computer science. Hence students can access information on all their educational options online before selecting the final and perfect program. Factors like the school’s acceptance rate and the ownership of the institution (whether public or private) can also help establish which school will be a good fit for an eager student. You can start the search below.

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reeeeeee01Processing an online bachelor’s degree in computer science can give students more experience and a solid background in digital systems. Since these programs customarily examine emerging trends and technological advances, students usually will help develop solutions for computer systems and infrastructures as well as analyze various programming languages. These online degrees often completed in four years and they help prepare students for future careers in the field. Below are some general requirements within the four-year timeline to give students an idea of what to expect during their study.


The application process for each online program may look different, but schools usually have similar base guidelines for the prospective computer science students at the bachelor’s level. These guidelines include GPA requirements, providing signed transcripts and submitting a standard application. Completed some relevant courses can also be of advantage. Just continue reading to have a better grasp of what may be considered and required when applying for an online bachelor’s program in computer science.

Academic Requirements Some schools may require the concerned students to have maintained a minimum GPA in their previous studies, and also have a minimum ACT or SAT score requirement. Students should review the guidelines of each online computer science program when considering applying.
Transcripts Whether you are entering the computer science program directly following your exit from high school or transferring from another higher institution, online students will have to provide their academic transcripts just as regular students would.
Relevant Coursework Apart from meeting the minimum GPA requirements, having completed appropriate courses can also be beneficial to the applicants. If possible, enrolling in computer science classes in high school to can help a prospective student stand out from other candidates.
Application Many schools have a standard application process for prospective students to follow. Students should also note that there may be application fees and extra materials required, with additional charges that may also be unique to the computer science program.
Application for Financial Aid Knowing how to pay tuition is a major step when applying for and enrolling in any online degree program. Computer science students should be ready to meet the financial help application deadlines, explore peculiar degree aid options and provide all required documentations by the University before registering for classes.


The focus of the first year in a bachelor’s computer science program will be to map out online classes and complete the core credits that are required by the university. First-year students may have the privilege to take some introductory computer science lectures, depending on their academic experience and requirements of the school.

Completing the Core Classes During the first year of study, the computer science students will be required to take core classes like English and Mathematics alongside required electives while maintaining a minimum GPA.
Completing the Lower Division of Computer Science Classes Online students will also need to complete introductory computer science classes that serve as prerequisites for upper division classes. Students should ensure that they fully understand the minimum GPA requirements for these classes as they may differ from the overall academic standards set by the university.
Determine the Course Schedule Computer Science students should consult their academic advisors to determine the coursework and anticipated class schedule that’s needed to bag their online bachelor’s degree within the desired timeline. If an academic advisor isn’t available to help, the university may have other available resources for students to stay on track.


The second year in an online bachelor’s program in computer science is often a fine time to start thinking about career goals following graduation and to begin taking the necessary steps to reach these aims. This may include gaining work experience and fine-tuning coursework.

Apply for an Internship Internships are also a great way for students to gain work experience, build their résumé and make meaningful professional connections in the computer science world. It can also serve as a way to determine which career path or technological specialization may be of interest.
Completing Degree-Specific Core Classes As the students prepare to begin their upper division classes, they should ensure that they have completed the necessary prerequisites for both junior and senior level computer and technology classes before the closure of the second year.
Start Building a Portfolio Depending on the type of computer science work a student intends to find after graduation, they may consider working on projects to improve their skills and start building a portfolio. For example, if a student is interested in computer programming, they may want to work on developing an app. If they envision a career in web design, they should use this time to begin building a website.


Apart from taking upper division coursework, students in their 3rd year of an online bachelor’s degree program in computer science may wish to start taking bold steps to increase their odds of success after graduation. They should consider membership in a professional association and start developing their résumé or finding mentors in the area of specialization they wish to enter.

Join a Professional Computer Science Association Several associations and organizations exist that are tailored to computer science students and experts. These groups offer members the opportunity to network with peers, stay up-to-date on industry trends and post job openings. Many also offer discounts for students.
Determine your Preferred Career At this point, students should have decided on an area of computer science in which they want to specialize. They should begin enrolling in classes that support those interests and connect with other professionals that are already working in that field to get an adequate knowledge of what to expect after graduation.
Maintain a Good GPA Most upper division computer science classes will mandate students to maintain a minimum GPA to graduate. Students should also consider a consistent meeting with their professors if they feel like they are lagging behind in class.


The final year of an online bachelor’s in computer science program is often spent completing the remaining required courses and applying for graduate programs or jobs. Students should ascertain that all graduation deadlines during this time are met.

Pre-Graduation Check At the commencement of the 4th and final year, students should check with their advisors to ensure that they have completed all the necessary courses and maintained the required GPA limit that will allow them to graduate within the set timeframe.
Applying for Graduation You are to review and submit the graduation application, together with any necessary fees, signatures or other requested materials for computer science programs.
Applying for Graduate Programs or Jobs You are to review and submit the graduation application, together with any necessary fees, signatures or other requested materials for computer science programs.


If an online computer science student has maintained the academic grade set upon his/her entrance into bachelor’s degree program and has met regularly with the advisor, the graduation process is expected to go smoothly. Graduation requirements may vary depending on the programs, but students will need to submit an application for graduation and show proof of their perfect fulfillment of course requirements.

Completing Required Semester Hours Most online bachelor degree programs in computer science require a minimum of 120 credit hours, comprising of core classes, degree-related core classes, electives and upper-division classes.
Satisfying the Required University Core Curriculum The majority of the students will complete the core computer science classes during their first two years of their bachelor’s degree program. Postponing required core classes may have an adverse impact on students’ eligibility for graduation and delay their progress.
Faculty Approval Students will need a faculty member or the dean of the college to sign their graduation application forms. To receive this approval, students must have met all the requirements stipulated by the University and computer science program.

After Your Degree: What to do with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science

In a society that’s increasingly dependent on technology, a diversity of career options are available for those who have obtained their bachelor degrees in computer science online. These professionals are often in high demand for building and developing mobile apps, networks, data centers,and information systems. Computer scientists are known to be involved in research and the design of technological innovations as well as finding new ways to implement existing technology. They can work across various industries like science, education, healthcare, and business. The specialties below are a few examples of the careers that may be available for graduates with a computer science degree.

Extra Resources

Students and professionals in the advanced field of computer science may benefit from joining professional organizations or associations. Members usually network with peers, find mentors for further development of skills and gaining of access to the latest industry information.

American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T)

ASIS&T works to merge information science practice and research by finding and sharing new theories, techniques, and technologies. Members have access to research and professional development content, webinars, and networking opportunities.

Association for Computing Machinery

This association is made up of researchers, computing educators, and professionals who engage in dialogue and strive to reduce the challenges faced in the field of computer science. Members, including both students and experts, have access to the organization’s online learning center, job postings, and industry news.

Association of Information Technology Professionals

This association is a national one with local chapters around the country. Their objective is to advance the field of information technology through expert development, support of ICT education and national policies. Student and professional membership options are available.