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We Offer a Comprehensive School Guide for Culinary Art Schools & Hospitality Degrees. Learn which colleges in the United States offer Culinary Art and Hospitality degrees both on-campus and online.

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Top Culinary Art Schools for 2017-2018

Best Culinary Schools and Programs

Food has become a part of our culture – so much that it is favored as not just a hobby but a career as well. Many colleges across the United States provide Culinary Art and Hospitality degrees; however, with so many options, it is hard to choose the best college for you. Online Campus Colleges offers a comprehensive guide for the top Culinary Art schools, so you can choose the best college for Culinary Arts or Hospitality.

Is Culinary School Offered Online?

Absolutely! While most culinary schools are offered on-campus, there are online options. Use our college search portal to find the best Culinary Art Schools!

Culinary & Hospitality Degree Programs

Do you love to eat food, but hate to make it? There is a degree for that! Some of the best colleges for culinary arts offer management programs for students who want to be a part of the kitchen – minus the cooking. Explore the following culinary program options to learn more!


Those working in the kitchen are taught how to maintain product and ingredients, track portion sizes, and work on different aspects of the menu. They also manage other areas of the kitchen including food preparation.



Students learning to be a pastry chef are taught the art of baking and pastry making, as well as the cooking production and execution of various desserts.


Restaurant Management

Students learn how to manage a restaurant, so it operates at maximum capacity. They also learn the business aspects of running and potentially owning a restaurant.


Hospitality Management

A hospitality manager runs all aspects of resorts and hotels. His or her role can encompass everything from front desk responsibilities to cleaning and housekeeping. Students can work their way up to management, depending on their experience and work ethic.


Wine Steward & Sommelier

Students learn about all aspects of wineries and breweries, so they can pair customer’s meals with compatible beverages.


Quick FAQs:

  • What courses are required for a Culinary Art degree?
    The best colleges for culinary arts require theoretical and practical classes, so students understand the environments of their surroundings while in the kitchen. Other required courses include: Psychology, Business, Computer Literacy, and Math.
  • Which schools offers a Culinary Art, or Hospitality degree?
    Trade schools, community colleges and some colleges and universities offer culinary degree programs. Intending students should compare their academic needs with their desired goals when choosing which institution to attend.
  • How do I know Culinary Arts or Hospitality is right for me?
    It is important to find a subject or area that interests you, which in turn will give you the skills needed for a specific job position. That said, if you appreciate food and pleasing others, a Culinary Arts or Hospitality degree may be right for you!
  • How can I get hired as a chef, baker, or sommelier?
    Many chefs have become successful in the culinary industry because of their experience; however, it is much more than that. You must study and learn the ins-and-outs of the industry on your own, in addition from others. That said, to truly receive opportunities in the career field, attend one of the best colleges for culinary arts and hospitality!