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Online Engineering Colleges & Programs: 2018-2019

Earning a bachelor’s degree in engineering is not easy to say the least – it requires hard work, dedication, and time from its students. Choosing to enroll in this degree online, however, is a more flexible approach to obtaining the degree. Above, we list some of the best colleges in the United States for an accredited and affordable online engineering degree.

Timeline for an Affordable Online Engineering Degree

When you are deciding between online engineering colleges, students should first be aware of any campus requirements and pre-requisites needed to begin their academic journey. The following timeline helps students understand what to expect from enrolling in an engineering degree, starting from program application to post-graduation.


Per institution, application requirements vary – so students should be aware of their differences when applying to multiple online engineering colleges. We have listed and outlined some of the more common application requirements for an accredited and affordable online engineering degree:

Prepare Submission of Formal Application

Once you have narrowed down your top engineering colleges, analyze which engineering program you are most interested in, and see if it is available at any one of the institutions. Then, make sure you meet program requirements like educational prerequisites or preparing a formal application.

Gather Official Transcripts and Test Scores

Many online engineering colleges and universities take into consideration past grades and test scores when reviewing an application. Make sure you include any previous earned credits and placement scores when applying to a new school. Also, if any experience in the engineering field has been gained, make sure prominently display and explain it when applying for an affordable online engineering degree, as this will help with proper course placement.

Complete a Statement of Purpose

A Statement of Purpose conveys to school boards the reason for attending their university, and their intended professional path. It shows you are committed and dedicated to both the institution and their affordable online engineering degrees.

Apply for Financial Aid

Financial aid is usually available to those in need of assistance when applying for a degree. Please visit the following website to learn more about financial assistance: Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®), or read our blog!

Submit Formal Application

Once you have met all program requirements for an online engineering college, students are ready to apply! To avoid rejection of acceptance, you should stay ahead of deadlines and pay close attention to the most accredited and affordable online engineering degrees.


During your freshman and sophomore years, will take foundations courses, as well as familiarize yourself with introductory level engineering classes. Reviewing these milestones to your right will help you stay on pace throughout your campus or affordable online engineering degree process.


Most affordable online engineering degrees have a comprehensive math requirement. By doing so, students can more efficiently transition into calculus and theory mathematics – which are taken during junior and senior years.


Undergrad students will be prompted to participate in some hands-on laboratory coursework. The curriculum should be analyzed prior to beginning courses as to avoid any unpreparedness or unexpected fees these special sessions may require.

Introduction to Engineering

Toward the beginning of your accredited and affordable online engineering degree program, you will learn about the elements of engineering, and the different careers associated with his degree is typically held.


During your junior and senior years of college, you will focus on a specific area of study for your accredited and affordable online engineering degree. Thus, the coursework will be directed towards that specific area of study. Also, as graduation approaches, students are advised to begin building a steady network of influential teachers, mentors, leaders, and peers.

Choosing a Career

Around the time of your junior and senior years, you may begin to narrow down which type of engineering you want to specialize in and what career field you want to be a part of after graduation. It is important to meet with your adviser so you can determine which classes you need to enroll in for that career. Learn more about careers after graduation on the blog!

Meet with Your Adviser

You want to keep in mind timelines and goals to ensure you are keeping up with your program’s curriculum and deadlines. Advisers are available to help students monitor this progress.

Research & Hands-On Experimentation

During this same time, you must conduct research in the field you are interested in. What you learned in your lower division courses must now be used for hands-on experimentation. The more experience, the better knowledge you have of that specific industry or career. Research online engineering colleges and degrees.

Gain Work Experience

To increase the chances of landing the job of your choice, it is important you apply for internships.  Many campus and online engineering colleges have mentors and advisers who reach out to students who stand out from the rest. In turn, this can result with work-study and internship opportunities.


As graduation approaches, make sure you meet all program requirements. Failure to meet deadlines for your courses can result with not being able to receive your degree when the time arrives.

Academic and Grade requirements

Sometimes, there is a GPA requirement in obtaining an accredited and affordable online engineering degree. In addition to completing all undergraduate courses and prerequisites, many engineering programs require a final grade point average of 3.0 or higher. If these stipulations are not met, it can result in the student having to retake the course.

Convene Course Record

To officially become a holder of a degree, a student must complete course work required by the college degree and institution.

Apply for Graduation by Deadline

Students must apply for graduation prior to its deadline. This is crucial to keep in mind if you are attending engineering colleges, as there may be fewer cues from peers and faculty to remind you to apply. If the deadline is not met, you may graduate later than anticipated.

What Can I Do With a Bachelor’s in Engineering?

After graduating with an accredited and possibly affordable online engineering degree, you are open to a plethora of job opportunities. there are many job opportunities. There are many different industry paths for an engineering graduate, such as mechanical, industrial, civil, electrical, and chemical engineering.


· Electrical and Electronics Drafters

These professionals map out the diagrams and create the electrical connections needed for the functioning of electronics. These individuals can repair, construct, and install electrical materials and electronic devices.

Job Growth (2014-2024)


Median Annual Salary (May 2015)


· Health and Safety Engineers

Those in this line of engineering work specialize in fabricating accident prevention procedures. They assess different environments and strategize how to avoid injury and harm to workplace employees and structures.

Job Growth (2014-2024)


Median Annual Salary (May 2015)


· Surveying and Mapping Technicians

Surveying and mapping technicians collect data from different areas of land and evaluate the land’s potential to become a work-site. This involves assembling map plans and gathering research from land areas to deliver information dealing with construction.

Job Growth (2014-2024)


Median Annual Salary (May 2015)


· Information Security Analyst

Professionals in the field of information security help businesses and companies protect their electronic data by creating advanced anti-hacking computer and defending against cyber-attacks/computer viruses.

Job Growth (2014-2024)


Median Annual Salary (May 2015)


Benefits of an Affordable Online Engineering Degree

· Social Skills for Mixed Professional Environments

Careers in engineering often deal with working within a group, so it is important to understand and practice effective communication. Not only is it imperative that one has an extensive vocabulary of terms dealing with engineering, technology, computing, and so on with their colleagues, it is also important to know how to translate complicated technical procedures to those in need of technical support. Possessing adequate social and communication skills will go a long way in this area of study especially.

· Familiarity with Technology

To be successful, engineers need to have a thorough knowledge of the inner workings of computers and technology. Students of engineering at the bachelor’s degree level may be asked throughout their career to perform intricate tasks dealing with computers, as most engineers will go into work involving computer programming, software, design elements, and many other similar subjects.

· Mastery of Mathematics and Science

Engineering programs at the bachelor’s degree level teach students to problem solve. Students will develop an in-depth understanding of math and science, allowing them to utilize knowledge from several areas of advanced study to problem solve and reach conclusions.

To learn more about campus and online engineering colleges, or affordable online engineering degrees, read our blog or use our college search portal.