Five Effective Study Tips For the Chronic Procrastinator

NOVEMBER 14, 2017

It’s just a night before the day of that big test in your hardest subject. You haven’t gone over your textbook or revised your notes. You didn’t even give much thought to the test until the night before. You begin to panic because there’s so much to read, but there’s not much time. These five tips below will help you study through the night and also help you improve your study habits in days to come.

  1. Do Not Spend Time Regretting

Five Effective Study Tips For the Chronic The first thing to do is to accept that you have delayed. Do not waste time regretting why you procrastinated. Accept that you have delayed and proceed to prepare for your test. Do not fret over how better it would have been if you had started studying for the test a long time before. That would be utterly needless. The important thing to do is to chill and put all of your energy into studying for the test.

    1. Resist Distraction

I know your smartphone offers a lot of attraction to you. Ranging from Instagram to Snapchat to YouTube, there is a whole lot of things the teens of nowadays would rather do than study. These things can be really distracting, but the truth is, they can wait. Facebook isn’t going anywhere, and Twitter will always be there until tomorrow. If you feel tempted to leave your study for your smartphone, you can switch off your phone or computer and let it be till you are through with your studies. Modern day technology can be fascinating, and that’s why it draws us in. So, exert some control over yourself and resist being distracted. Limiting and resiting distractions is 1 of our 7 tips to creating the perfect study space

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      1. Designate Your Concentration

Five Effective Study Tips For the Chronic ProcrastinatorYou have to concentrate on the harder part first. Focus on the relevant information that you were taught. Assess different tests that your teacher might have given you before, and try to dig out whatever you deem crucial to know. Do not waste time cramming or memorizing anything, especially if your teacher has a preference for essay-based tests. Therefore, just study whatever is relevant and concentrate on those parts.

      1. Get Some Sleep

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to study through the night, your efforts become counter-productive. It is actually better to get a good sleep early enough before the morning arrives. It depends on your body though. On average, the human body needs eight hours of sleep to be rejuvenated. But it varies for people so know the amount of sleep that is best for your body. Just try to remember everything you studied before hitting the bed.

      1. Do not Repeat Procrastinating

Avoid letting such a thing happen again. Promise yourself that you are never going to procrastinate again and stick to your promise. Although this might not be easy to do, you can do it. Just keep in mind how remorseful you felt the first time you did it and don’t let it repeat itself. When you do this, it helps you to improve greatly on your study habits.