How to Stay Motivated in College

SEPTEMBER 18, 2018

Once the semester is in full swing, it can be difficult keeping up with your schoolwork. Assignments may get progressively harder, studying starts taking longer and the demands of work or social life may feel daunting. Sound familiar? Read these tips to staying motivated and on track all semester.

1. Have a Support System

Define your support system early. These will be the people you can lean on when you feel like you just can’t get through the semester. Look for friends and family members that can hold you accountable, keep you connected and tuned-in, and motivate you when you need it most.

After you’ve defined your support system, let them know of any responsibilities that you anticipate might be challenging throughout the semester. This may include your job, finding daycare for your kids or simply setting aside enough study time every night. Let your support system know what goals you have so they can continue to inspire and motivate you to stay the course, even when you feel like giving up.

2. Choose Classes You’re Passionate About

Every semester has a course or two that will challenge you. In some cases, the required classes don’t always seem as riveting as you’d like them to be. When you have classes that feel boring, staying motivated can be difficult.

If you’re able to add electives to your schedule, choose classes about topics that interest you. You may realize that you’re more eager to learn about the subject material, which can help make finishing the assignments easier. Once you’re on a roll, you may feel motivated to complete the more difficult assignments, too.

3. Set a Schedule and Make It a Routine

College Schedule & Team BuildingPlanners may be your best friend while you’re in college. Once the semester starts, gather your course syllabi and either a digital or paper planner. Then, write down big projects, essays and deadlines you’ll be expected to meet throughout the course in their respective month and day. Consider color-coding each class to help you scan and process upcoming assignments quickly. When you’re finished, you’ll be able to see all your classes and their associated expectations in one organized space.

Once you’ve written out your class details, write in all the personal commitments that may hinder your ability to complete homework. This may include family time, work, holidays and other obligations. From here, you’ll be able to see how much time you can dedicate to your classwork each week, as well as which times of the day are best for studying. If you know weeknights after dinner are generally open for a few hours, for example, commit that time to your homework. If you are able to start a consistent schedule early on in the semester, you may be more likely to follow through with it throughout the course.

4. Create the Perfect Studying Environment

Even if you’ve set aside the appropriate amount of time to focus on your schooling, it won’t matter if you aren’t using that time wisely. Help yourself make the most of your study time by creating the ideal studying space.

First, cut out any distractions. For example, if you know that TV or your cell phone will keep you from completing assignments in a specific time frame, set up your study zone in a place that’s away from these items. We recommend creating a learning environment that’s quiet, has good lighting and has room for everything you’ll need to successfully study and complete assignments. This may include your computer, textbooks, pens, highlighters, notebooks, healthy snacks and water.

5. Remind Yourself Why It Matters

You started college for a specific reason. Whether it was to get a career in a field you’re passionate about, remind your children that anything is achievable, or start on a new journey in a different field, students come to college for a wide range of reasons. You’ve done the legwork by enrolling in classes – now all you have to do is remember why you started in the first place. When you feel unmotivated or even defeated, remind yourself that you are here for a reason, and you can’t give up on your goals until you have a diploma in hand.

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