List of Online Study Tools

JULY 3, 2018

Unlike a traditional classroom setting, online classes offer you the freedom to listen and learn from home or a remote location, making it easier to attend classes while enjoying a less intense atmosphere. But just like a classroom setting, distance learning students and even vocational trade students should be prepared to take responsibility for setting aside enough study time for each course and to exercise self-discipline to keep pace with learning modules, assignments, and quizzes.

You will find that online classes are a bit different from campus universities in many ways:

  • More Flexibility – Completing coursework when it’s convenient for your schedule, allows you to work or attend to family responsibilities. Online courses also mean you can login from anywhere 24/7, even catching up on a work lunch break.
  • Saves Money – When you attend university or a two-year college, there will be expenses such as commuting or room and board, and most university students work only part-time. For online classes, they can be completed while working full time, and you save thousands by living at home and eliminating the commute.
  • Less Intense – The biggest difference is often the stress levels associated with university life. Lecture halls are crowded, professors expect more independent study, and sometimes the social atmosphere can be a distraction – a distraction that can difficult to avoid.

Tools & Study Websites for College

Online study tools and websites for college are designed to help online college students stay organized, take notes, practice course materials, and score well on tests. It’s always a good idea to study class material as soon as possible after completing a learning module, to reinforce the information you’ve just learned.

One fact is true for either university or online college, studying the coursework, completing the assignments, and preparing for tests can make the difference between success or failure. Here is a list of online study tools to take advantage of the wealth of information and software programs that can help you accomplish more in less time!

Microsoft Office – While there may be plenty of open source document processors available, the Microsoft Office Suite for Students includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. This gives you more than enough to handle all your word processing, data sheet calculations, and report presentations – and it’s free with a student email address. Consider the OneNote app alone for taking digital notes, collaborating with classmates, and working faster by syncing your notes with internet websites.

Evernote – Staying organized is key to staying on task. Evernote is a multitasking, mobile app that allows you to clip internet information for later reference, set up to-do lists, make a voice memo, sync your schedule and notes across multiple devices, and much more. This app is even used by businesses to increase productivity. The premium version costs about $7.99 per month.

Grammarly – Rushing through a written assignment may not be the best idea, but if you must, you can always use Grammarly to check your spelling, punctuation, grammar, and word usage. A polished essay, free of error, is likely to ensure a better grade. You can download Grammarly free to take advantage of the spelling checker, or sign-up for the full version at $29.99 per month.

XMIND – Brainstorming is an excellent way to shatter a mental block. With Xmind you can capture and save your brainstorming ideas or use mind mapping to organize complex topics. This Android app features many useful tools for energizing your thoughts and quickly organizing mental information, and you can share your mind maps via Evernote to your study partners. XMIND can be purchased for 6 months at $9.99.

Dragon Anywhere – Some students tend to study and learn verbally, instead of writing down thoughts and notes. If this is you, then Dragon Anywhere will act as your own personal stenographer. As you speak, this app takes dictation and allows you to edit the information via voice command. This personal secretary will convert your verbal notes into text for only $14.99.

Find a Program for You

The Best Test Taking Apps & Study Websites for College

My Study Life – This Android app keeps track of homework, sends reminders of uncompleted tasks and upcoming exams, acting as a personal study buddy. It stores all your data in the cloud to sync with all your devices, whether at home on a laptop, or traveling with your tablet. It takes the place of all your class calendars, organizing tasks, and reminding you of the important stuff, and its available as a free download from the app store.

Spark Notes – For quick access and easy to understand study notes for over 500 literary guides from the classics to contemporary literature. Today, Spark Notes also includes cheat sheets or simplified notes of technical literature, such as chemistry, economics, computer science, math, and more. This is a great study website for college with online quizzes and can be used for fact checking also. You can try it free for 30 days before purchase.

Quizlet Go – Get over your test-taking fears and start quizzing yourself on important facts to easily pass tests with Quizlet Go. Available on iOS or Android for only $1.99 per year, this app is a great way to study for big tests. Choose from many flashcard themes, search for quiz sets created by other users, or create your own quiz content. This app uses quiz data accumulated from millions of anonymous study sessions, and chances are pretty good you’ll find quizzes on your exact subject matter. Many students nationwide prefer Quizlet as an online study tool, and study website for college. Flashcards – One of the best ways to study is with, a web-based app that already stores over 68 million flashcard questions. Better yet, create your own flashcards for study groups or quick cramming of ‘just the facts’.  Studying with flashcards is proven to increase your confidence while improving your memory – both of which will come in handy at test time!

For more information on online study tools, or if you need help discovering which academic road is best for your financial and personal goals, check out Online Campus Colleges!