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Capable managers who have a mix of experience and expertise are essential for the success of any organization. This makes them extremely valuable throughout different sectors and areas in the commercial world. . Management degrees offered online represent a major step towards providing the skill and knowledge required for these leadership positions. It can however be very challenging to find a program that is the perfect fit for you .This comprehensive guide takes prospective business students through an insightful review of well-known management degrees, niche areas, offered courses and career choices.

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Management Schools & Degrees

onlinecampuscollegeDegrees in business administration and management are of immense benefit to individuals presently occupying managerial positions and those who aspire to someday. No matter the area or field in which they are involved it helps to build proficiency and skills at the highest level. There are a variety of programs on offer from minimum certification to foremost qualifications at the doctoral level. Each stage uses the lessons learnt and knowledge acquired as building blocks for the next. At the associate degree level, students finish up their fundamental general education prerequisites in topics like business, workplace structure and basic accounting. At the level of bachelor degrees students delve into the core of management with an extensive study of the management curriculum allowing students to focus on specific areas like global finance, operations or marketing.

In furtherance of its aim of capacity building, Master degrees in management are offered with the Master of Business Administration, or MBA proving a very popular attraction. Specializations in industry specifics like medical care, technology, financial strategy, project management and marketing communications are widespread. At the masters level a large number of programs in management involve internships, but students studying online can fulfill the internship requirements wherever they live. A PhD in management is the foremost qualification available. These programs are designed for industry leaders pursuing specialized degrees or individuals in the university system who are either in a teaching or research capacity.

Online Management Degrees

The training and all round experience offered by online management schools mirrors that gained in a classroom. Students studying online have the added advantage of flexibility and convenience. Students generally review lectures and complete assessments, coursework and other tasks completely online with lectures streamed and post class interaction enhanced by emails, class chat groups and conference calls. Software that aids rapid communication like Adobe Connect or Skype is indispensable in keeping the student up to date in an online learning environment.

The coursework for online management degrees is very flexible with students going through courses at their own pace. The framework of the program anticipates students’ hectic schedules, which makes it very appealing to individuals who want to further their education while being engaged in full time employment or actively raising a family.

Online management degrees cut across all stages, from basic certification and associate degrees to MBAs and PhDs. certain programs are targeted at particular classes of students, like fresh college students or skilled professionals. At the undergraduate level, online management programs help students gain foundation knowledge of the business world and the models, concepts and theories that drive management. MBAs and PhD as part of a comprehensive study program provide insight into the dynamics of business with practical analysis using real life case studies and a discovery process fueled by research opportunities. Certified online management schools that require a period of internship usually consent to students meeting the internship requirements through placements at companies or organizations which they can easily access from their home or place of employment.

Online and Campus Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management

Degrees in management taken online at the bachelor’s degree level expose students to business principles, and provide a full understanding of international best practices and soft skills that are indispensable in the rapidly changing workplace. Students who attend full time can expect to finish in 4 years. A degree in business management can have a general outlook or be narrowed down to certain specialities. Specializations that have become increasingly common include international business, accounting, human resources, forensic accounting, public relations, risk management, retail and sales management and green sustainability.

Online business management degrees on offer at various institutions differ in terms of course choices and specializations, but common choices across different programs include information systems, E-business, employment law and marketing. Most times, the entirety of the coursework is done online allowing students the luxury of pursuing their education without neglecting job related commitments and their personal life. Collaboration is critical to the success of any online program and this is where resources like the class management platform, chat groups, e learning platforms and email come in very handy in sustaining student interaction. Programs are most times designed to allow students create lasting business relationships with their lecturers and course mates.

What was the greatest benefit of online learning?

As a single mom with a demanding job that fills up my day, night school was not an option as it would not allow me to spend time with my family. Online classes allow me to pursue educational qualifications without having to sacrifice watching my children’s most precious moments.

How has the ability to connect via technology helped you along your journey?

This has been a very important role in my journey towards completing my education. I have had the ability to follow up on coursework completely online instead of having to squeeze class room attendance into a very busy schedule. Through emails, webinars and chat groups I can keep in touch with my peers and stay connected to my professors at every point in time. Combining commitments from a full time job and being an active part of my children’s life can take its toll but with technology I can create flexible study time for school projects and coursework. This allows me to create a healthy balance between work, family and school as I pursue my dream.

How this prepared you for the real world and graduation?

It has provided me with the necessary skills and expertise to advance quickly in my chosen career. It can help bring to life my dream of getting a degree after many years. I haven’t been a student in many years after leaving abruptly and being unable to graduate has been a constant regret.. By embracing online education I gain a lot of confidence from setting a goal and achieving it. It will help provide inspiration to my children and makes them aware of the importance of getting an education early and setting priorities.

Online And Campus Management Degrees: Associate’s Degree

Associate degrees taken online in the areas of management and business administration are built on two major goals; to help students complete core course requirements and introduce them to the inner workings of business through a study of essential business models, theories and abilities. Degree students can combine courses in the arts and other concentrations with in-depth training on the fundamentals of fields like finance, accounting and corporate setup. Below you will find some course examples for those pursuing an associate degree.

College English Introduction to English at the college level. Focuses on research techniques, conduct of research, draft writing and reviewing written projects. Use of English and academic referencing styles.
Intro to Psychology Outlines the basics of psychology. This lays the fundamentals for other courses offered in psychology.
Introduction to Accounting Teaches basic fundamentals of accounting and lays the ground work for more advanced courses.
Concepts of Management Teaches a summary of management methods, models and techniques linked to organization, corporate leadership and fiscal responsibility.

Online And Campus Management Degrees: Bachelor’s degree

Online and campus degrees in business management are generally awarded after duration of year four on a full time basis but transfer students with the benefit of an associate degree can finish in half of the required period subject to the regulations of the online school. The standard curriculum is split between courses that satisfy the general education requirements and business specific training with courses that explore corporate leadership and institutional management. Students can also choose extra credit courses that are related to management in fields of interest. Particular schools that offer online management degrees require students as part of their conditions for graduation to undertake projects, internships, or externships. These requirements can generally be fulfilled by students in communities where they reside. The information below indicates a variety of classes students pursuing an online bachelor’s degree in management may take.

Business Communications This course begins to explain business communications and the best practices for communication in business. This will include both verbal and written communication.
Strategic Management Examines the fundamentals of management with a focus on conflict resolution in the workplace, ethics and the decision making process. End of semester projects entail creating a comprehensive plan that highlights effective strategies and policies.
Business Advertising and Marketing Teaches the basic skills and the ideal approach to evaluating data that provides information on consumer behavior  Focuses on creating marketing campaigns based on the analyzed data which will impact the company’s growth via increased sales.
Final Capstone Project Last year student exhibit their skill by creating projects that showcase their ability to combine different facets of their management education at the undergraduate level and apply it to actual problems.

Online and Campus Management Degrees: Masters

At the graduate-level there are a variety of interests and specialties but some of the most popular are the MBA or MA. Some online and campus business management schools will offer a focus on niche areas with Masters in fields like finance and marketing. Degrees on offer by different online management schools have varied requirements and are tailored in some instances towards specific career paths.

The time frame and set of courses in programs. Most degree programs at the master’s level for example come with duration of two years for completion but specially designed MBA programs can be completed under a year. In order to fulfill the requirements for graduation, students may have to prepare a thesis, pass a set of assessments, complete a internship and apply management theories to problems in the real world by creating easily applied solutions. The different peculiarities of each master’s program means that students have to consider its relevance to their career as well as their interest before coming to a decision. Below are some common courses students encounter during the duration of their online business management degree program at the masters level.

Managerial Economics Takes a broad view of vital issues that affect the performance and effectiveness of people In managerial positions .Issues like profit and other costs are discussed with a competitive business environment serving as a backdrop.
Human Resources An in-depth look at considerations in recruitment, training and keeping of employees. A focus on factors that affect workplace relationships and how to keep employees happy and motivated.
The Operational Environment Analyses the impact of political happenings, economic policies and political events. You can learn about different factors that could help or hurt business operations
Advanced  Finance Critically assess issues like budgeting, investment decisions, forecasting and valuation that high level business professional’s confront as part of the financial planning process.
Project Management Discusses step by step methods that lead to effective project planning and implementation. Analyses strategies that allow effective monitoring of projects and evaluation of different opportunities.
Financial Planning Financial planning courses help lay a foundation for future financial planning and concepts to help manage financial plans.
Online Marketing Strategies Teaches how businesses can coordinate their online marketing efforts ad make effective use of consumer data gathered for successful marketing campaigns.

Online And Campus Doctorate Degrees in Management

Online and campus business management degrees at the doctoral level are generally PhDs. They offer opportunities to focus on a specific area of management that interests them.  Areas commonly considered at the doctorate level include global finance, operations and logistics, entrepreneurship and fiscal theories.

Online and Campus PhDs in business management are perfect for students attracted to an active career in academics, teaching in colleges, or not for profit organizations. Many students proceed straight to a PhD program immediately after completing their masters in management or Masters of Business Administration. The curriculum that guides the coursework will be different at each school, area of study and other factors. In coming to a decision over what online management school to attend students should evaluate course content carefully as well as the thesis requirements.

What Can You Do With an Online Business Management Degree?

An online or campus business management degree is fast becoming an asset in different industries because of the emphasis being placed on critical thinking, people skills and creativity. Professionals with management qualifications are perfect fit across a variety of different industries. Management degree provides a much needed boost for experienced professionals who are looking for better paying opportunities or a career switch.