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Holders of a PhD are typically eligible for a wide array of well-paying professions, such as a professor at the university level, or a high-level executive. Online Campus Colleges provides detailed information about campus doctoral programs, and online PhD programs – so you can find the best accredited doctorate degree for you!

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What is an Accredited Doctorate Degree?

A prospective student can enroll in a doctoral program anytime following the successful completion of a master’s degree program. The coursework that comes with earning a doctoral degree is extensive and requires astute dedication from students. Most to all students are required to execute research projects, understand expert-level material and ultimately, produce a formal thesis in their specific field of expertise.

This article intends to help those who want to earn a PhD, by which Online Campus Colleges provides in-depth information about preparing for an academic journey, and the importance of choosing an esteemed and accredited doctorate degree.

Why Earn a PhD?

It is no secret that people like to seek help or advice from a professional and expert individual. For this reason, a PhD can help you become a highly valued asset in your profession of choice. Additionally, those who have an accredited doctorate degree have one of the lowest unemployment rates among professionals. They also tend to maintain the highest job security, as seen with tenured university professors.

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An Intro to Doctoral Degrees

Professions requiring or involving doctoral programs include a pool of diverse career options, so be sure to consider all doctoral programs prior to enrolling. Examples of popular doctoral degree program options include:

  • Acupuncture (D.Ac.)
  • Advanced Nursing Practice (D.N.P.)
  • Architecture (D.Arch.)
  • Business Administration (D.B.A.)
  • Chiropractic (D.C.)
  • Computer Science (D.C.S.)
  • Education (Ed.D.)
  • Engineering (D.Eng.)
  • Health Administration (D.H.A.)
  • Law and Policy (L.P.D., D.L.P.)
  • Medicine (M.D.)
  • Physical Therapy (D.P.T.)
  • Psychology (Psy.D)
  • Science (D.Sc., Sc. D.)
  • Theology (D.Th., Th.D)
  • Social Work (D.S.W.)
  • Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.)

The information below provides an idea of the type of advanced-learning required for obtaining a Doctor of Philosophy:

Course Name Description
Public School Funding and Budgeting This course discusses funding for public schools, including topics on tax impacts, federal and state regulations, forecasting and strategic planning, and resources.
Nursing Science This class will count for a handful of credit hours to complete a project about nursing science.
Management and Accounting Workshop Students assess current and related financial points of accounting and management studies. Must submit final paper to complete.
Social Welfare Policies Students take a look into the world of social services from theoretical, political, and economic stand points.
Pastoral Leadership Students examine church settings and how they operate and perform, as far as pastoral planning, leadership quality, communication, and proficiency.

When Does a Doctoral Program Make Sense?


Often, having an accredited doctorate degree is required for the higher education workforce, and healthcare fields. In 2012, the best performing and paying, and fastest growing occupations included doctors, veterinarians, teachers, psychiatrists, and anesthesiologists – each of which require a doctoral program and degree.


A person looking to enter a doctoral program may also have interest in a career outside of health and academia, such as top-level executive positions for a business or corporation focusing on technology, financing, engineering, or law.

Online And Campus Doctoral Degree Programs


If you are wanting a personable approach to college, we recommend you enroll in on-campus doctoral programs. By doing so, you can receive hands-on, one-on-one attention from both peers and instructors. This is beneficial if you struggle with understanding course concepts and work. Plus, you have access to the university’s amenities such as the recreational center, sporting events, and career fairs.


Distance learning programs for earning a PhD are offered by a variety of online schools and universities. Online PhD programs help students who have difficulty commuting to on-site college campuses. While it shares many of the same advantages as on-campus learning, one of the notable perks of online PhD programs is that the class/coursework schedules are more flexible. By doing so, you can accommodate to prior obligations and responsibilities.

Lectures, seminars, fieldwork, comprehensive research, peer communication, forming a thesis, these are all parts of learning that can be accomplished by doing so online. For access to exams, attendance, mentoring, and more, the student simply logs into their account using an ID and password and can then begin completing and turning in coursework, creating presentations, posting on bulletin boards, sharing ideas and thoughts via chat rooms, and keeping up-to-date with deadlines and communication. Self-discipline is a must when considering the option of distant learning. While the curriculum is quite flexible, due dates remain in place, so students should always be aware of emails and threads and create a study schedule that is conducive for their success.

Online (Distance) Learning Q&A

Are online PhD programs or on campus PhD programs easier to complete?

Completing a PhD – whether online or in a classroom – is very demanding. The requirements for both campus and online PhD programs are very similar, as disciplined timeliness is crucial for either learning style.

How do I evaluate potential online PhD faculty for my doctoral program?

It is important to look at the faculty of the doctoral programs to see if they fall in line with what you are wanting to achieve.

How can I submit my application for an online PhD program?

Requirements for an accredited doctorate degree varies per college institution. Once you narrow down your college choices, be sure to check what documents you need to submit online or in-person.

Do online universities offer financial aid or scholarships to online PhD students?

The U.S. Department of Education offers qualified students at accredited institutions either federal, Perkins, and Ford loans. There are other federal programs offered for some specific industries. Depending on the school, some schools offer their own scholarships.

Can doctoral programs and course credits transfer?

This will depend on the school that you are transferring credits to. It would be in your best interest to inquire with the school you intend on transferring credits to.

Accredited Doctorate Degrees

It is extremely important and valuable to attend an accredited school. Degrees earned at a non-accredited school may not be honored by potential employers and for financial aid purposes, a school will not be allowed by the Department of Education to award financial aid to a student is their college institution is not accredited.

The process of accreditation begins with the school self-analyzing its performance in comparison to regulation standards. Next, the school is evaluated by an agency trained in determining whether accreditation should be granted. Reviews are conducted regularly to ensure that the school is maintaining the proper levels of quality instruction and academic performance necessary to sustain their accreditation status. Some schools that include special programs may prefer to seek accreditation for only particular areas of specialized study. For instance, if a program offers a specific accredited doctorate degree in education, there is special accreditation for this.