Seven Powerful Online Resources for Writing Research Papers

OCTOBER 09, 2017

Seven Powerful Online Resources for Writing Research PapersWriting research papers is one of the things you would do as a student. Away from your course materials, there are several online tools available to you to assist you with grammar, spelling and finding the best resources for your research. What you want to do is to optimize your available time for homework by bookmarking these seven tools we’ve outlined below and incorporate them into your learning process.

Discovering strong resources to support for your papers and also writing with accurate spellings and proper sentence structure will be easier to accomplish in a well-timed manner. With these tools and research paper tips, you can improve your studying process and set yourself up for academic success as an online college student.

  1. Google Scholar

To draw from an expansive database of scholarly articles, your best source is Google Scholar. Google Scholar which is a search engine that gathers information that is as credible as possible. The scholarly articles are written by professionals using the terminologies of their profession, and as such they can be relatively difficult or dense to understand. This also makes Google Scholar a rich source of exhaustive information that could assist provide your research paper the needed authority to back up your points. The contents may be from postdoctoral research, professional journals, or a graduate thesis, just to mention a few.

  1. Wikipedia

Wikipedia a free online encyclopedia, is another source of information for research paper; it has a vast amount of information covering virtually any topic you can imagine, and it can be hard for students to stay away from using all of the Wikipedia results that pop up in their online searches. However, Wikipedia’s content is collaboratively written by the general public and as such it is not considered to be credible as a primary source, since anyone can contribute to the information contained in each page known as wiki. Every day, thousands of changes are made on wikis and a lot of errors go unnoticed, consequently you should never cite Wikipedia as a source for an academic research paper. Nevertheless, at the bottom of every wiki there’s a detailed section where original sources are cited by means of hyperlinks.

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  1. Other Free Research Databases

Although a lot of academic databases and journals require a paid subscription, there are a number of free-to-access research databases available to assist you through your data gathering process. The Library at the Independence University maintains a list of some of these databases, including Cite SeerX, the Directory of Open Access Journals, and Microsoft Academic Search.

Seven Powerful Online Resources for Writing Research PapersIf your paper involves a particular area of learning, the Independence University Library’s research directories are also an excellent resource for quick reference. From technology to business to graphic arts, the librarians at the Independence University have collaborated with faculty members to gather these reference tools to be a quick reference for college students when they need them.

  1. ProQuest Newsstand

The best source for full-text newspapers with hundreds having same-day publication access is ProQuest Newsstand. This offers the latest and updated information at your fingertips from more than 2500 news sources. Independence University students for instance, have free access to this database via the university library.

  1. Hemingway App

The final draft of your research paper which you intend to submit to your instructor needs to be a polished written work, and the Hemingway App can assist you in achieving this. It utilizes artificial intelligence to examine your writing to find likely errors and gives suggestions on how best to make it more concise and easy to read.

  1. Yammer Writing Tools

Yammer is a secure and private social networking platform used by companies and other organizations as a collaboration tool. It’s a powerful resource for students to team up with their community of fellow students. Yammer permits you to share drafts for peer review and ask questions, among many other features. The more the feedback your work can receive, the better.

  1. Grammarly

Are punctuation, spelling, and grammar not your forte? Grammarly is an app commonly used by teachers and writers that automatically find errors in your writing even as you write it. This is a very useful app to use throughout each stage of drafting your research paper.