Tips for Balancing Work Life With Online Classes

AUGUST 31, 2017

Four Ways To Minimize The Possibility Of Dropping Out Of CollegeOnline classes have many advantages, and one of it is that they can be prioritized around an eLearner’s work schedule. Unfortunately for this balancing act, it is more easily said than done, particularly when juxtaposed with the demands of extracurricular activities and family.  The tips below can empower a student to work out a schedule that can accommodate diverse responsibilities while maintaining your educational goals and keeping it within reach.

Get Organized

Organization is a key skill in attaining academic success. When you throw work, single parenting, families, etc. into the mix, organization is a lot more significant. If you are not organized by nature, now is the time to work out an approach that works best for you. For many online students, organization apps, designed for tablets and smart phones, are the simplest method to maintain a busy calendar. For others, conventional hand-written planners afford an overarching vision of what is required to be done. Once you discover the approach that works in your favor, make sure you use it.

Learn To Be Flexible

Once you are organized, you’ll learn to split your inflexible times, i.e., work hours and class times, from your more flexible times. If you’re someone who functions best in the world of black and white, your re-entry into education, through online classes, will present the opportunity for you to embrace flexibility. Your online studies may necessitate you to team up with other students. Classes might be canceled, or a teammate may suddenly cancel on you. It is essential to be flexible so you can accommodate the unanticipated scenarios that will occur now that you’re a student again.

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Communicate Your Schedule

Seven Powerful Online Resources for Writing Research PapersAgain, when you have successfully created your schedule, it’s imperative to communicate it to your clients, employers, friends, family members, day care providers, etc. Your study life might be secondary to your work life, however, to have your school schedule respected, the people around you need to have an idea of what to anticipate. This may well be a calendar you present at the beginning of each term, or you might need to create more regular calendar updates to present at the start of a new week, month, etc. This way people will have knowledge of where you are at, and when, and will also have a better understanding of your academic demands and responsibilities.

Prioritize A Homework Space

This might not be necessary if you already work from home. Otherwise, it is vital that you have a dedicated study area, space or spot where you can work on your school projects and assignments. You’ll need a place that is conducive and organized for studying. Even if it is just a small corner of your room, the ability to access your laptop, pens, papers, a floor lamp, etc. will enable you to concentrate and stay on task.

Revisit Stress Management Skills

Let’s face it, balancing online studies and work life is going to be nerve-racking. This implies you need to have a “go-to” plan for demanding moments. Ensure you prioritize quiet time, exercise, and a few moments daily to balance yourself. The more calm and relaxed you are, the easier it will be to stay on track and remain focused.