The Ultimate Guide to the Types of Business Degrees

OCTOBER 26, 2018

Whether climbing the corporate ladder to become a CEO or looking to start your own company, a business degree can be a great choice. Choosing a relevant degree that can help you find a high-paying job is important, but did you know there are dozens of business-related degrees?

Here’s an ultimate guide to the types of business degrees available for on-campus or online education. Discover which degree best fits your passions and goals and how you can use it effectively in your career.

Why Study Online?

There are lots of great reasons to choose an online business degree. One of the most important reasons is the price tag. An online degree will typically cost far less than most traditional colleges’. Many programs have flexible schedules, so you won’t have to worry about early morning classes or juggling work and class schedules. You’ll also have access to schools all across the country. If you love your hometown or want to travel to a city that doesn’t have a top-ranking college, you can still have access to some of the nation’s best business degrees through online education.

The only question left is which degree should you choose? Some business degrees are highly specialized, while others are more generalized. Take a look at each one and see which degree is the best fit for your personality, skill set and passions.

Accounting Degree

If you love managing money, running the numbers and assisting investors, management or the government, accounting is a great opportunity for you. You’ll learn how to balance budgets and crunch numbers, both personally and for large corporations. Be prepared for advanced statistical analysis, math and finance courses.

Finance Degree

Don’t just analyze financial data; use it to make strategic decisions for your company. Finance is a broad degree that covers many areas of the finance industry and helps equip you for a managerial role. Whether you love balancing budgets, overseeing spending or working with statistical data analysis, finance is a great degree to prepare you for your dream career.

Business Management and Administration Degree

If you love working with people as a leader and guide, a career in business management is a great option for you. Learn to effectively inspire, oversee and manage large or small groups of employees in a variety of industries From data analysis to contract negotiations, these leadership roles can have a wide range of day-to-day tasks.

Marketing Degree

With a marketing degree, you’ll have all the tools you need to communicate effectively, think strategically and help your company offer goods and services that are designed, priced and advertised flawlessly for your customers. Whether managing social media, making sales or conducting research, this degree is great for someone who loves communicating.

Human Resource Management Degree

Human Resources, or HR, is a people-centered field that works with employees and prospective employees to make sure wages, benefits, training and working environments are all fair. You’ll be able to help people at all levels by making sure a company treats its employees right. From equal opportunity issues to reports of inappropriate behavior at the office, you’ll be able to help vulnerable people in a business setting.

Entrepreneurship Degree

Do you have big dreams, lofty goals and lots of ambition? A degree in entrepreneurship helps you start your own business. Whether you’re looking to start a non-profit, for-profit, large or small business, you’ll learn a general set of skills needed to launch your new company. Be ready to take big risks and hope for great rewards.

International Business Degree

If you’re looking to travel or communicate outside of your country, consider a degree in international business. You’ll have a solid background of typical business courses but also learn about cross-cultural communication. It’s a great program if you know another language or are looking to learn one.

Advertising Degree

Learn to communicate clearly and effectively with a wide range of audiences. Advertising, similar to public relations or marketing, helps create excellent communication materials for a company. Whether you’re writing press releases, reaching out to the public or designing TV ads and other commercials, it’s an exciting field that combines business and communication courses.

Banking Degree

This general degree combines accounting, insurance and finance courses for a position working at a bank. Although you may not need a degree to work as a bank teller, this degree can help you quickly rise through the ranks to become a bank manager or other highly paid position. Learn more about the function and operation of banks, insurance and tax features and the latest banking technology.

Business Law Degree

Highly ambitious students can earn a degree in business law before going to law school. This degree helps prepare you to work as a transactional lawyer or business litigator. You’ll learn every aspect of lawsuits, government regulations and other corporate laws. There’s a wide range of lucrative positions available for a business lawyer who successfully completes law school.

Criminal Justice Administration Degree

Whether you’re looking to work as an immigration officer, drug enforcement officer or a correctional worker, a degree in criminal justice administration can help. Coursework typically covers research methods, personnel management and criminal law.

E-Commerce Degree

A new and tech-savvy degree, e-commerce can help you work with an internet-based business. Whether joining a large corporation or starting your own company, you’ll learn about supply, demand, marketing and other areas of e-commerce.

Economics Degree

From supply and demand to personal finance, economics focuses on the fundamental laws, history and strategies behind financial institutions. This broad degree prepares you to work in a bank or corporation or as a teacher of economics.

Healthcare Administration Degree

If you have a passion for healthcare but don’t want to become a doctor, healthcare administration can help prepare you to manage hospitals, clinics and health insurance companies. You’ll learn about the structure of hospital networks, basic health care policy, insurance regulations and more.

Operations Management Degree

If a typical manager seems too far above day-to-day life, consider a degree in operations management. You’ll learn the business, technology and finance courses you need to help employees and processes become more efficient, safe and streamlined.

Public Relations Degree

This specialized degree helps you focus on company communication with the public. Expect to work on your public speaking, writing, advertising and overall communication abilities. You’ll be able to work effectively as a leader or team player for large corporations or political campaigns.

Logistics Degree

Ever wonder how multinational corporations move inventory all across the world? A degree in logistics can allow you to learn all the supply chain, transportation and e-commerce strategies required for efficient inventory management. If you like working with highly detailed organization tasks, this is a great field for your set of problem-solving skills.

Hospitality Management Degree

Whether you want to work in restaurants, hotels, cruise ships or casinos, a degree in hospitality management can help you leap up the corporate ladder and gain a management position. You’ll learn about organizational strategies, finance, laws and regulations and more.

Statistics Degree

If you love math and seeing numbers work in the real world, a degree in statistics is perfect for you. Statisticians offer invaluable services to corporations and governments. You’ll take courses in analysis, data collection and applied mathematics. Statistics prepares you for positions in businesses, but you can also use this degree to become a teacher, researcher or scientist.

Supply Chain Management Degree

Similar to logistics, supply chain management offers courses in organizational strategies for supply chains. You’ll not only understand how goods are shipped around the world, but you’ll also help create innovative ways to continue to improve the global supply chain. It’s great for someone who loves perfecting systems and creating order out of chaos.

Labor Studies Degree

Labor studies combine the laws, management strategies and the history of labor rights for a highly specialized degree. You’ll learn all about unions, advocacy programs and government initiatives to help improve the working lives of employees in the nation and around the world. It’s a great field if you love politics, advocacy, history and helping people.

Organizational Behavior Degree

A combination of psychology and business, organizational behavior looks at the ways people act and interact in a business. You’ll not only research the different behaviors in a company, but you’ll also help train managers and employees to work together more efficiently. You may also collaborate with a marketing team to learn about buying behaviors among customers.

Real Estate Degree

Want to help people find their dream home? Take courses in real estate and receive a real estate license. You’ll discover the legal, financial and communication sides of selling homes, as well as learning to work with interested buyers. If you love working with people, having flexible hours and highlighting positive aspects of homes, this is a good degree for you.

What’s next?

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