Which Careers Have the Brightest Future?

JUNE 16, 2017

The desires of everyone who’s seeking for a job is security on the job. Given the turbulent times accompanied by massive changes, what way can we rest assured that our careers won’t be affected?

Which Careers Have the Brightest FutureFortunately, we have employment projections to the year 2020, as presented by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. So which job gives the most assurance? The aging population of baby boomers offers many healthcare jobs on the list, however, glance through other popular selections among the fastest rising careers of the future, their expected increase in jobs and median annual salary.

  1. Home Care Aide – 69.4% ($21,309)

Home health and personal care aides assist persons who are chronically ill, disabled, or cognitively impaired. They also come to the residence of the elderly who may need help but desire to remain in their own homes and out of fully assisted living. Although on the income scale, home care aide is lower, they make up for this by being in constant demand. In fact, according to the BLS, by 2020 there’ll be more than 700,000 new jobs in this career choice.

  1. Biomedical Engineer – 61.7% ($50,230 entry level)

If you are yet to notice the trend the aging Baby Boomer population has created, here is yet another healthcare related occupation in the medical career path. Biomedical engineers develop procedures and devices that solve medical and health-related challenges. The research conducted by these employees in conjunction with chemists, life scientists, and medical scientists, seeks to develop and evaluate products and systems for use in the fields of health and biology. The BLS anticipates a growth of almost 62% in new job openings, which translates to 9,700 new jobs in this specialized career, for which the remuneration range scales up to just about $100,000 with only a few years of experience.

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  1. Physical Therapy Assistant – 45.7% ($47,028)

Though this occupation requires less education, skill, and training compared to a real physical therapist, being a physical therapy assistant is an excellent way to assist people at the ground level. This essential role assists treat a patient suffering from physical disabilities or injuries. This is perhaps the reason it is one of the fastest rising in demand jobs in the US, with more than 30,000 new openings expected by 2020, according to the BLS. Usually job seekers require a minimum of an associate’s degree; however, the job also needs accredited physical therapy programs as well.

  1. Meeting/Event Planner – 43.7% ($55,812)

A professional meeting/event planner is the point person for things like parties, weddings, and corporate events of diverse scale working either as part of an agency or independently. If you are meticulous, constantly attending personal and professional events and sometimes thinking to yourself you could have planned things better. There’s good news for you; the BLS is anticipating more than 31,000 new job openings in this position by 2020.

  1. Ultrasound Technician – 43.5% ($65,903)

This career path requires independent thinking, excellent communication skills, and collaboration with other professionals in the medical field. Interacting with patients who are critically ill requires both heightened social skills and compassion. Using high-frequency sound waves to capture internal body images could get you a national average salary well above the $60,000/year scale, based on your locality. An entry level job can be achieved with an associate degree and according to the BLS by 2020 more than 23,000 additional sonographer positions are expected.

  1. Translator – 42.2% ($43,499)

With advances in modern technology and the Internet, many occupations are truly becoming global in nature. Nevertheless, with paperwork and communications travelling across continents, somebody needs to ensure everyone is speaking the same language. For this reason and more, the BLS predicts almost 25,000 new jobs openings in this career path by 2020. These employees offer translations from one language to another either in the form of live spoken words or written documents. The entry requirements entail that applicants learn several languages and being endorsed by a professional body to offer an accurate translation of what is being said.  During court cases or business deals people rely on accurate and credible accounts, a qualified and experienced translator is priceless to the proceedings.

So there you have it. These are just a few of the careers that have the brightest future. If you are interested in knowing more or applying for these, the first thing you should do is research, so you are armed with the knowledge of what your career choice is worth. Although predictions aren’t assurance of employment, keeping a watchful eye on where job growth is inclining towards will assist you in avoiding unpleasant employment shockers and potentially make the most of your job opportunities.